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Have you noticed you have a bad posture when you are sitting in front of a computer at work? In this episode of syncH Live Clinic, one of our syncH practitioners, chiropractor, Dr. Elon Bartlett, shares his insights on workplace ergonomics with a holistic approach. Dr. Bartlett’s visual explanations are quite memorable to understands the nuances of our body. H answers syncH community’s questions on the second half of the live clinic.

“Convert your laptop into a desktop workstation to avoid any wrist and back pain when you are working with a laptop”  – Dr. Elon Bartlett

Enjoy this insightful discussion on office ergonomics and share your thoughts with the syncH community in the comment section below.

About the Author

Elon Bartlett

Elon Bartlett

Bay Area native film buff and concert goer, passionate about self-care and supporting new families