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What is a wellness coach?

Most of us need an mentor in life – someone to help us reach the complete potential, strengthen abilities, overcome weaknesses, tackle problems and realize life goals or at least guide with all this, at different intervals in our lives. That’s where a wellness coach steps in. A wellness coach is someone who hones the client’s innate strengths and abilities, as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Wellness coaches hail from different backgrounds and work with clients in either group or individual settings to help them rally their inner strength and work around outer circumstances for sustainable progress and development.


What does a wellness coach actually do?

Wellness coaches help their clients by motivating them and helping them to look for motivation within themselves. They guide their clients by giving them ways to actualize their goals for themselves – whether they be physical, mental, emotional, professional or spiritual..

A wellness coach questions his/her clients about everything (literally) that happens in their lives. The coach then works his way through the questionnaires answered by the client to understand their problems and goals and work out the best possible ways through which the client can utilize his/her complete potential and either solve the present problems or work around them to actualize their goals.


Do wellness coaches really help?

A wellness coach helps you make a well-informed and suitable life choice for most things in life. They take time to speak, listen to, and understand every single client before deeply studying them to gather specific information about the different problems faced by their client. They plan multiple steps to help and motivate their clients to keep their eyes at the finish line. With a broad and encouraging smile, they go about their business of helping people straighten out their lives. They are in constant touch with their clients to monitor their moves, to help them overcome their setbacks and rejoice in their accomplishments. As every client is individually assessed and understood, it is therefore little wonder that every client is gently but firmly set on the path they desire to pursue.


When do I really need a wellness coach?

There are many instances that justify the need of a wellness coach in one’s life. Some of them are-

  • Actualizing one’s potential fully
  • Career guidance and future plans
  • Maintaining better work-life balance
  • Dealing with high stress profiles
  • Making major life decisions
  • Coping with Health issues


How does a wellness coach work with his/her client?

A wellness coach essentially works like a counsellor, except wellness coaching aims for overall wellbeing, goal setting and actualization. More often than not, it works through the following steps:

  • Step 1: The first session is usually a rapport building process where the wellbeing coach tries to understand his/her client, their needs, goals, ideas and other constraints.
  • Step 2: A clear goal is defined from all the information that is gleaned from the client. The challenges are acknowledged and a base plan is created for moving ahead.
  • Step 3: Home assignments may be allotted here (like maintaining a small journal, plan of action, etc.).
  • Step 4: Through it all, the wellbeing coach offers support, guidelines and does vigilant monitoring

Depending on the type of goal set, the client may be required to visit the wellbeing coach regularly or occasionally. As a rule of thumb, it could cost anything around $300 – $1000 for a month of wellness coaching. At the end of it all though, it is absolutely worth it as it helps the clients in more ways than one. For starters, it not only helps the client achieve his/her goals but also aids the client lead a healthy, happy and more content life, which is the ultimate aim, isn’t it?

However, it is extremely important to understand that a wellness coach is very different from a mental health professional. Therefore, if the problems faced by the individual seem to be purely psychological, it is best to approach a mental health professional like a psychologist or a psychiatrist to get a better grip before approaching a wellness coach to improvise overall quality of living.

Please visit the profiles of the wellness coach that we we work with at syncH. They all offer first virtual video consultation for free so that you can start working with them immediately.

  • Heather Finn, WHC
    (Specialized in autoimmune disorders, mental health & stress, weight loss & gain)
  • Holly Towkaniuk, HHC
    (Specialized in digestive issues, mental health & stress, shoulder and back pain)
  • Jator Pierre, HHC
    (Specialized in autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, mental health & stress)
  • Stefanie Obregozo, HC
    (Specialized in mental health & stress, sleep disorder, weight gain & loss)


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