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Our story

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease – an autoimmune disorder – in 2008 I thought my life would never be same again. After the failure of conventional treatments and a couple of major surgeries, I decided to look for holistic ways to heal my inflamed gut. Working closely with a naturopath and following her specific regimen from diet to supplements got me into a remission in just a few months. As I started feeling better, I wanted to share my experience with others who have been dealing with similar challenges. I started to blog about my health progress while crafting the idea of starting a community around holistic treatment that goes beyond Crohn’s.

After joining various health communities, I noticed that there is not a medium that connects chronic patients with the practitioners who approach care holistically. The existing directories don’t talk specifically about holistic treatment techniques and Yelp reviews are not sufficient to see the whole picture on the practitioners.

syncH (pronounced as “sync”) aspires to be the platform where patients discover and book certified practitioners while joining a community of holistic medicine believers. Our mission is to encourage more people to discover ways to live a balanced and healthy life. We envision a future where patients become knowledgeable about their health and can easily connect with specialized health experts while using technology to make data driven decisions. Whether you are a practitioner or a patient we hope you choose to join us in this journey.

– Aras Toker

Our team

Aras Toker

Aras loves connecting people. His current passion is to bring people together in holistic medicine space with a goal of building an enthusiastic syncH tribe.

Levent Bas

Levent loves outdoor sports and finding time for meditation. He is a sailor and a cyclist, he recently completed his first triathlon and started training for the next one.

Meghan Bellamy

Meghan is highly enthusiastic and is very passionate about accessible health education. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, she is a lover of all things outdoors and explores mindful meditation.

Patrick Stjernvall

Patrick loves to enjoy the beautiful California nature with his family. His favorite things are Sauna, Onsen and ruisleipä. His latest interests are immunomodulating fungi and Qigong.